19 April 2006

Smoothie Saavy

What happens when you advertise FREE smoothies to graduate students? They want to know what your gimmick is . . . what's the catch? There was no catch. We just wanted some publicity for our upcoming seminar, guest lecture, & club meetings. Sometimes the best way to get attention is to give away free stuff . . . especially when that stuff is FOOD (or liquid food).
"You know the 2 most popular words in the english language are "free" and "smoothie". No kidding, I wouldn't make this stuff up." --Clayton Stitzel, D.C. and C.L.E.A.R. Institute Student Director
These smoothies were hand-made by Michelle & Katie: OJ, bananas, frozen strawberries or frozen blackberries. No sugar, no preservatives, just delicious and cold. Perfect for chiropractic students who are nutrition junkies.
A few more students registered for the seminar, and we gave away all 80 tickets for the guest lecture next week. We'll have to print more tickets since they are in high demand. I'm predicting standing-room only for the lecture. Now, if we could only pack out the conference room for the seminar! Kristin even encouraged 7th Q students Scott & Jeff to try out the head-weights and wobble chairs and pose for photos!


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