28 February 2006

Recruiting TOOL

I can manage to tick people off and impress them at the same time. This dates back to Air Force field training when I'd stick up for my flight-mates in light of the incessant injustices. I would simultaneously be rewarded with a merit, and given a demerit. By the way, they don't cancel each other out, they just add up. Apparently, I had the most merits of anyone in the flight, but I'd also garnered a significant number of demerits. Not that any of that stuff matters, but it may shed a little light on how I interact with authority.

In assuming my writer duties for the school newspaper, I really caught an administrator off-guard in an interview 2 weeks ago; he lost his cool--which is not cool. Thinking I'm now on the administration's hit list for students who can just kiss scholarship and other cool opportunities goodbye, I was surprised when they contacted me last week about doing an interview for their new recruiting video. Now the tough part is that I realize I can't tell the entire truth in all of my answers. The public relations department provided me with the following interview questions ahead of time:

What made you decide on a career in chiropractic?
Do you know someone whose life has been affected by chiropractic?
Why did you choose Palmer?
I'm assuming they want all the positive reasons for this one, not just that it was geographically convenient for both Steve and me
What do you think makes Palmer Florida unique? Again, I expect they mean unique in the most positive, sunshiney way, instead of unique as in red-headed step-child.
What stand-out experiences have you had with faculty members? again, my answers could go both ways, but I'll probably reflect on the incredibly outstanding faculty as opposed to the few folks who should be paying the school for the opportunity to teach instead of the other way around.
Can you tell us about your involvement with the Scoliosis mentoring program and why you have focused on scoliosis?
What other student organizations have you been involved in? (Triune writer, Teach the World About Chiropractic)
Tell us about your service with the U.S. Air Force (when and where you served, what you did and how the experience helped to shape you as a person)

At least I get to think about my answers before I get interviewed, although I know it will be edited and censored for any non-P.C. or non-Palmer audulatory remarks.


Blogger Dolly said...

I don't smily very much in interviews. I'm very serious. But, they said my passion for chiropractic came across in the interview, and ultimately, that's what they were looking for to recruit new students to the Palmer pond.

01 March, 2006 18:12  

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