07 February 2006

Test and Rest

Amazing what rest does to your outlook on life. I was making up for the lack of sleep I'd had in the past few days for the TTWAC seminar and for study prep. I went to bed before 11 last night and slept in until 6:45. . . it was glorious!! Not only did my prof reschedule Monday's lab practical until next week (because all of the students he'd tested thus far sucked consistently--including yours truly), but 1 of tomorrow's 2 exams is now a take-home worksheet type test. Hallelujah!! So, when the dust settles, I have only 1 exam this week, at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I feel pretty prepared, although it's possible to have some hammer questions that would leave me scramblin'.

I've never had a professor stop us in mid-exam to tell us that as a collective group that we sucked so terrible that he wanted to delay the test so that he wouldn't have to record failing grades for everyone. I think it came down to a huge disconnect between what he expected of us and what we thought he expected of us (thus what we prepared to do). Oh well...lessons learned all around. Still have 3 exams next week, but it won't be so bad since I know better what to expect...that's relieves 75% of the anxiety anyway.

I'm still sticking to my pledge to focus on school the next 1.5 weeks. . . to let extra-curriculars simmer on the back-burner for a little while. We'll pick it back up soon enough--gotta stay on top of school because it won't do us any good to get sorry grades and to not be able to continue with clubs next quarter.


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