31 January 2006

THE MAN ain't gonna ruin THE PLAN

I don't understand why people settle on mediocrity or sacrifice integrity and sell their souls to THE MAN. Why is it that someone can take an extremely opposing stance to methods or procedures that cheapen the profession, but when (s)he feels her job might be on the line, (s)he quickly retreats inside the protective tortoise shell and goes along with the mainstream?

I think people aren't willing to take a stand for their beliefs because they live in fear. They fear that what they have is the most in life they can attain, whether it's money, prestige, job security. . . whatever it may be . . . it's not worth it for them to lose all of that and gain the nobility of integrity. There's more to it than that--people just settle. People get stuck in jobs that they hate, and they go through the motions of life because they just want to get through.

Another hero--that I didn't mention on my previous hero post--is Dr. Dan Yachter. He believes so strongly in the mission of chiropractic to help the sick and dying of this planet. If anyone ever threatens to take away his license, he'll just find another place to practice and to keep doing what he's doing. He has no fear of THE MAN. That is a man who has conviction and integrity and honor.

The poor sap who's afraid he can't finish the payments on his new car, nor afford to send his kids to college, or even get sued for malpractice by a malingering patient, just lives in fear. And because of that. . . he's not really living.

If I listened to all the people who told me I couldn't or shouldn't join the Air Force, that I couldn't or shouldn't get married after a 4 month engagement, that I couldn't or shouldn't go to chiropractic school, then I wouldn't be the very woman God created me to be. Each of those experiences (not to be defiant, but to be true to who I am and God's purpose for my life) has shaped me and made me stronger and more focused on who I am and who I want to become for God's glory.

The minute I fear more about losing my license--because of some angry medipractor politicians who want to shut me down--instead of fear of not giving 100% each and every day to my deserving patients, then I have succumbed to the will of THE MAN. It ain't about living a life of mundane mediocrity, it's about LIVING for what we belive in, even at the sacrifice of our personal comfort.


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