29 January 2006

My Heros

I've been thinking a lot lately about my heros:

Mom: moved to America from Taiwan just after the Vietnam War--she didn't know any English. She was treated like dirt because she was asian and the vietnamese bias was harbored against anyone who appeared from the far east. She single-handedly raised 2 daughters who both ended up graduating from college and marrying incredibly kind and wonderful husbands. Mom had it tough, but she did a great job! I appreciate her more and more with each passing year.

Grandma: grew up during the Great Depression, and raised 3 kids who all graduated with post-graduate degrees. Married to a husband with a knack for a hard work and business--who also had a tendency toward a micro-short temper and bouts of extreme shouting. As his empire grew, so did her management responsibility. After all, it was always she who made sure the rent was collected on time, the apartments were cleaned, the horses were fed, and dinner was on the table at 8, 12, and 5 everyday like clockwork. She still has the ability to serve Thanksgiving to 30+ each year, remember everyone's birthdays, kindly care for and to calm and subdue her husband who suffers from a variety of neurological disorders. She's considered beloved in her church and by her family.

Steve: The most disciplined person I know--and an amazing writer. Steve has tenaciously read the Bible for hours on end ever since I met him. He also can outlast anyone in the gym--his pain tolerance for getting punched in the face is pretty amazing. However, he has the most tender neck of any patient I've seen. He's incredibly fast in martial arts, and incredibly patient. He's a chiropractic warrior, and he keeps me balanced and unstressed. I wouldn't be in school now if it wasn't for his tremendous support. He embodies the phrase "tough love". He is my best friend and the love of my life.

Dana: Beautiful woman who's full of grace. Dana embodies all the characteristics that I consider a woman after God's own heart. She is an incredibly dedicated mom to the world's cutest toddler who abounds with love and wisdom for baby John and so many others who are hurting and outcast. Dana lives compassion and gentleness. I want to become more and more like Dana every day.

Christina: has so many accolades in her prestigious career--the poster child of the Air Force. Yet, she's willing to give it all up for her greatest calling--motherhood. This incredibly strong woman who was born a leader has positively impacted so many people around her. She's fearless for the gospel, and filled with more wisdom and understanding of its teachings than most people I've ever met. She and her husband endured living apart in 2 different states for the first 2 years of their marriage. She is a leader and unwavering in her beliefs, not matter what the opposition throws in her direction.

There are many more people in my life that I admire that I'm so blessed to be near each and everyday. I wrote about the heros in my life that have maintained a steady track record for consistency in character over the years. I have a strong feeling I'll add to this list of amazing people in the near future. Lucky for me, all of these amazing people were present at my wedding . . . and I look forward to learning from each of them and growing to become more like them with each passing day. I want to be like them, because in them I find beauty of compassion, strength of character, and the love of Christ. I pray that others see in me even a small piece of the loveliness in each of these marvelous people.


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