07 February 2006

The present

Steve & I shared a hotel room with another couple over the weekend for the Orlando TTWAC seminar. It kinda felt like camping or a big slumber party in college dorms--everyone was courteous about sharing the bathroom, sink, etc. Pretty soon all levels of courtesy and politeness went by the wayside to extreme open-ness and comfort. . . the following account is purposefully vague regarding pronoun gender in order to avoid embarassing certain individuals. But this story is way too good to not post!

After all 4 of us were tucked into our double beds, the following conversation took place . . .

Spouse 1 to Spouse 2: (whisper) Did you see the present I left you?
Spouse 2 to Spouse 1: (whisper) No. What present? Did you leave a surprise in the toilet? I didn't see anything.
Me: (in a loud booming voice) No, but I did! Thanks!
All 4 of us: (Loud raucous laughter for 30 minutes)
Person 1: I'm so embarassed!
Me: Well, I flushed it so no one would be embarassed. . . but since you were asking [Spouse 2], I had to 'fess up that it was left for me!
All 4 of us: (trying to fall asleep . . . supressed giggles. . . contagious laughter until well past 11:30pm!)


Blogger Jon in Michigan said...

Eeeeeewwwwwwww! Ok, you people are gross! :D

07 February, 2006 12:11  
Anonymous Steve said...


10 February, 2006 14:09  

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