10 February 2006

Oh Baby!

Last night I was chattin' on the phone with my friend LJ when she suddenly started making strange gasping sounds:

Me: Are you ok?
LJ: sorry. I just ate a whole pepper and it's the hottest thing I've ever had!
Me: Eat or drink something with sugar.
LJ: I don't have any sugar!! I'm drinking milk.
(gulping sounds)
Me: Are you ok now?
LJ: I hafta call you back!

(Next phone call)

LJ: omigosh I can't believe how hot that was! I've eaten an entire habanero pepper before on a dare which felt like it burned a hole in my stomach, but that red pepper made my throat swell up!
Me: Drink some green tea with honey. Sugar counters spice.
LJ: I don't have any more honey! I just ran out. I need to go to the grocery store!
Me: Drink your supergreens
LJ: (more gulping) Wow! That helped! I just chugged an entire glass!

(E-mail an hour later)
LJ: Oh my goodness--i have the worst stomach pain--GERD--or Barretts Eso[phagus]!!! It hurts soooooooooo bad--that dang pepper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it sucks


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