11 February 2006

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Avatar me, except imagine lots of rain and a very cold and windy beach. . . oh and thanks to Libby for making a macro flash image into a photo. You rock!


Blogger libbyann721 said...

That Libby is one amazing chica! ;) Now, if only I could illustrate pics like that... Sheesh! I'm still learning!

11 February, 2006 22:06  
Blogger Dolly said...

yes she is amazing...with her photoshop saavy and internet prowess. unfortunately, she has this weakness for cute guys.

11 February, 2006 22:10  
Blogger Dan said...

Guess I better not visit here anymore....

Just kiddin. Don't think I'll be a temptation.


12 February, 2006 13:50  
Blogger Dolly said...

Hahahahahhahahahahaah!!!!! Danny, that was awesome! Besides the nose hair post, I didn't think you had a sense of humor! ;-)

12 February, 2006 15:07  

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