18 February 2006

Garage Sale

Jason & Allycia hosted a garage sale to reduce the load that they'll need to move to Colorado. They let me hawk a few items: juicer, egg beater / blender, rocking chair . . . most of it is stuff I wanted to get rid of, and knew I could make just as much at a garage sale as I could on e-bay. Usually I opt to have Salvation Army pick up items I don't want or need, but it was nice to take home $37.50 for stuff I just don't want crowding out the apartment. Unfortunately, it seems that every time I make a buck, there's already something that I have to pay off or spend it on so that we don't go over our meager married student budget. So, the nice cash merely serves to pay toward our lovely double dinner date (also with Jason & Allycia) so that we don't go over in our food budget for the month. How boring is that? Staying on budget "BAH!" We are awfully good at it, but it's a wretchedly, painful existence.
Memorable garage sale moments:

Blame projection lady was shuffling through J & A's CDs (including the Beatles) suddenly dropped them all over the driveway and exclaimed: "well that's certainly not my fault!"
Allycia: laughs (she does this when she's frustrated) and says, "actually, it is!" Blame projection lady scurried away and didn't buy a single darn thing, even though she dropped 20 CDs on the pavement. I don't people that point fingers at others and can't take ownership for their actions. It's people like that who sue McDonald's for making the coffee too hot when they spill it and burn themselves.

J & A wanted $75 for a glass coffee table and 2 glass endplates. Initial sale price for inquiries was $50. After awhile, they raised the asking price to $75. Then, Jason left to purchase smoothies and lunch, and Allycia jacked up the price to $100 (but she was going to raise it to $150). At least 10 different people asked about those tables. Then, a nice young woman named Patricia asked about the tables and about doubled over when Allycia said $100. She literally gasped and gawked in disbelief. I told her she could make a counter-offer. Then Patricia told us that back in Arizona, people were practically giving things away in garage sales. We pretty much were on everything else, except for the glass tables which were only 2 years old, which they were afraid would be damaged in the move. She counter offered $75 and Allycia agreed--original price which they hoped to get for them.

Someone actually offered to pay $1 for my Juicer, and Allycia had the ovaries to tell 'em that I'd sell it for over $10 on ebay, and that I most certainly wouldn't settle for $1! I ended up getting $10 for it today.

Our class did a garage sale fundraiser last spring and made almost $500. Garage sales truly are a great way to get rid of junk, make some cash, and they are super fun for hagglign entertainment meanwhile seeing the different types of folks that go to garage sales. Maybe we'll do one for our next club fundraiser, only I have nothing else to get rid of!


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