16 February 2006

Becoming a doctor

2 firsts yesterday . . .
We had a women's prayer meeting on campus--just 4 of us, but it was awesome!

Dr. Katie & I did the 1 hour 20 min hike to Celebration (near Disney's Wide World of Sports) to help out Dr. Sheri in her doctor's report. Dr. Katie & I did the report of findings with patients on their films. What an awesome experience! 1) that we're competent enough by now to review films and point out developing degeneration and arthritis 2) that we can effectively communicate the loss of structure and normal function on film to a patient and how that relates to their current and future state of health.

We had an exam yesterday, but working with real patients at Dr. Sheri's office took more prep time than the exam. We memorized the scripts of what to cover the night before, and then we tried to calm our nerves the entire drive down to Celebration and all throughout Dr. Sheri's report. I know for certain that next time we won't be as nervous and we can't wait to help out again.


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