19 February 2006

CLEARing the Way

After a rather turbulent Friday morning: slaying dragons, saving endangered children, and empowering future leaders of tomorrow, putting up with irate professors--I entered my 4th hour of class on my marathon Friday (no lunch break). My good buddy, Josh, sat next to me and as usual, we exchanged notes on our latest mastermind plans to save the world and to restore justice to the planet. Josh already knew about the various beasts I encountered that morning, and he promised to pray for me while I was having critical meetings with the campus powers that be. As it turns out, those meetings went exceptionally well and our life plans didn't have to grind to a screeching halt. But, I was still a little irked by situations (mean/clueless people talking before thinking) that occured in the morning, and so I wrote that down in a note to Josh. His reply cracked me up:

"Won't your life be so great in 10 years, and these other people still won't even have a clue. Dolly Garnecki:
1. 1st woman in Body By God to see 1000+ patients/week
2. National Coordinator for the Scoliosis Mentoring Program
3. Instructor for the CLEAR Institute
4. Mother of 10
5. Wife to world reknowned theologian Steve Garnecki
6. Coach for TTWAC
7. Part-time missionary
8. Editor for NY Times Best Seller Abundant Living by Dr. Josh Axe"

First thing I edited about the list was the "mother of 10" part. Josh laughed and knew I'd change that. I made it "mother of 3, and owner of 2 dogs". Everything else is a lot more realistic. Helped me get through the morning drag of dealin' with negative life suckers who try to sap the very joy, love, and momentum we have to help so many children in our community. Instead of piling on hurdle after hurdle and problem after problem, people should instead offer constructive criticism as well as proposed solutions to the ginormous load of bull crap they lay at the feet of leaders. I'm too busy serving, leading, and helping others to shovel through a pile of crap. So, I'll just start a new path around the crap heap, and I'll let those who would shackle themselves to petty red tape remain there sniffing the load of bull that they created and devised while my team and I move on to accomplish the mission we set out to do.


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

That IS a busy Friday! Hope you're getting some rest this weekend!

19 February, 2006 19:46  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Josh.....I love your goals for Dolly!! Good Luck Dolly!

20 February, 2006 09:56  

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