11 January 2006

Workout Slug

It's really painful to swim when the lanes are in 50m instead of 25 yd. When ya haven't swam in 2 months, breaking back into the groove in the long lanes is painful. So, last week I only slugged through 500 m workouts. Felt like a brick in water and my form sucks. This week I'm pushing it to 700m workouts. Still a slacker workout, but I don't want my rotator cuffs hating me for days afterward. I know what I need to do to push it, but not overdo it.

Yesterday, I had a 2-part workout. Swim, and then a few hours later, I did an hour of martial arts with my own personal instructor: Scuba Steve. My forms SUCK so bad, that I didn't even remember in which direction to turn for my blocks. He made me do se ge hyung il bu (World Tang Soo Do's version) 20 times. That was boring, but I needed it. I hate getting my feet all muddy and grassy. Then he had me do basic figure 8's with the bo or bong. Steve moved the heavy metal weapon with the ease and speed of a baton twirler. I was like an airplane propellar that was about to die. Steve moved with the ease and grace of a gazelle. I moved like a stiff hinge that was in desparate need of WD-40. After the workout, Steve told me I sucked and that I had a lot of work to do. I agree, it's just not very motivating because I know that I have a long ways to go to catch up for the 2.5 years that I've been out of training!



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