20 January 2006

Scoliosis Seminar

Scoliosis Mentoring Program Mentors

The vision was to have standing room only at the seminar, but we'd be happy to have 50 - 80 students present. Well, it's nice to dream big because that's exactly what happened. There were close to 100 students present. Clayton ROCKED the house. Kristin only had about 25 extra mentor applications printed out...they were ALL gone. So, I'm expecting our scoliosis mentor numbers to double after this weekend, and we're already at 40!! Students are also excited about the capability of scoliosis correction and rehab through chiropractic. Our next big picture push is to make this type of rehab available as an elective through our clinic. That's going to take some major networking, bridge-building, and sweet-talking...but, it'll happen (hopefully before I graduate).

I'd love it if tomorrow's lecture to the community is also packed out...but if we only let 10 people with scoliosis know about the alternatives to bracing and surgery, then we've been successful. Next step for our mentoring program is to get into the schools and to conduct scoliosis screenings. Shouldn't be too hard considering the county schools don't even screen the kids!

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That's a great pic of you, Dolls! You look great in red!

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