14 January 2006

Of all the stupid things...

Some days you just know that you ought not be out running errands, and should just stay put at home where your safe from flying into a rage, or your safe from those drivers who delve into ragedom. I had some errands to run that I'd been postponing all week, and I kept delaying them because I kept getting phone calls, and other time sucks kept coming up. When I finally went to fill up Steve truck (which had been lightly propelling on gas fumes), I pulled into the crowded station. Just as I was about to fill up, I realized the refueling port was on the other side of the truck. There wasn't ANY way to turn the truck around because there was already a steadily increasing line of traffic awaiting the pump.

"Oh screw it!" I thought as I left to purchase school supplies from Wal-Mart. I figured I'd get gas at the BP on the way home. On the way to Wal-Mart, the right lane merged into my lane. And a driver in that lane didn't signal or wait to merge in behind me, rather he tried to run me into the median. I honked to let him know I was there (course I'm in a big blue truck, I don't know how he could've missed me). To let me know he realized where I was, he extended the universal traffic signal for "screw you." Thanks buddy. That put me in a sour mood, but I quickly tried to brush it off. I didn't want 1 lousy jerk to get to me and to ruin my otherwise productive and excellent day.

After I made it through Wal-Mart in record check-out time, I drove to the BP. By now it was raining, and had I run my errands 2 hours earlier, I knew I could have missed the incoming storms. I pulled into the gas pumps on the correct side this time, but by the time I finished filling up the truck, I realized I'd locked my keys inside the truck. There aren't automatic locks on that rig, just manual flip locks. . . and an amazingly tight seal on all the windows. Steve used to wire-tie a spare key under the truck, but that's long since been removed. I'll skip through the part where 3 strangers tried to help me break into my vehicle, and how a faculty member saw me from the intersection and pulled into the gas station because I looked distressed. I didn't know who to call because all my friends were gone for the 3-day weekend, and Steve wasn't getting home from Orlando for another 2 hours. I also didn't own a cell phone. Eventually, I called a local lock smith thanks to the grumpy gas attendant's phone book and Dr. Jay's cell phone. Got home only after being locked-out in the rain for an hour.

Steve got home a few minutes after me. I told him I was in no mood to cook dinner. So, he kindly agreed to go with me to get Calzone's. I asked him if we could get AAA (which is only helpful if you're stranded when you're somewhere near modern communication technology). He said it's far cheaper to re-attach a spare key under the truck. I think it's far cheaper for me to keep driving the car which has a built-in mechanism to prevent such acts of stupidity. . . and Steve can drive his truck. By the way, he ALWAYS has to remind me to lock my doors on the truck since they're not automatic. The one day I go overboard with locking the truck doors I get in a pickle of a situation.


Blogger Dan said...

I feel your pain!! I've locked my keys away so many times the driver's side window doesn't have a good seal anymore.

15 January, 2006 17:10  
Blogger Jon in Michigan said...

AAA is such a good deal if you travel. One tow a year and it pays for itself. We have the AAA+ and you can get a 100 mile tow a day with that. We've had an 80 mile tow before. Last time we needed it was when we were driving my wife's car to the shop to get the brakes worked on, and her fuel pump broke. Guess we were at least heading the right direction.

15 January, 2006 22:41  
Blogger Dolly said...

Thanks Jon. I'll have to make sure Steve sees your comment!!

16 January, 2006 08:20  

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