18 January 2006

Exam Scam

Surprise test. The syllabus advertised this exam as only worth 25 points of our grade, but it ended up being worth twice that amount. The material it covered wasn't super difficult, but I'm certainly glad I put forth the effort studying for anatomy LAST quarter, because there were questions on there that were just overall cumulative knowledge on extremities. I'm just glad that's now out of the way so I can focus on the bigger things going on this quarter: national boards and the scoliosis seminar.


Anonymous Brian Nardi, DC said...


You ARE a CHIROPRACTOR. Remember that it is the only health care profession in the world. Forget about grades and percentages. Become a great adjustor and you will help more people than you can possibly imagine. Keep up the good work.

18 January, 2006 11:15  

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