19 January 2006

Cold is OLD

It's too cold down here! Yesterday, I wore light khaki's and a denim jacket and felt like I was freezing all day (inside a classroom). It was also 38 degrees outside! Oh well, at least it'll warm up to the 70s this afternoon and remain that way for the weekend!

Can't run due to a sprained ligament in my toe (this has really been a drag on my training schedule). Don't really WANT to swim when it's so friggin' cold outside. What's left to do? Pull-ups and kettlebells. But, I can only take so much of that.


Blogger Dan said...

I feel your pain, kinda.
I signed up to lead PT for ALS thinking that I'll get everyone to see how beautiful joint mobility is. The first day everybody complained about it so we had to switch back to stretching for warm-ups. Since then, I've aggravated my knees and pulled a muscle yesterday in my upper leg. Hoorah for AF PT!!! Outstanding!

19 January, 2006 12:58  

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