05 November 2005

Chiro Games 2005

Palmer Florida's swim team finished overall with a respectable 4th place (missing 3rd by only 1 point!). We placed in the 2 relay events and several individual events.

For the overall school standing for the Games, we placed 4th as well. This is Palmer Florida's first time to ever compete in the games. One of our flag football teams placed 3rd. The tennis team placed second. The women's basketball team took first. What's amazing is they beat Palmer Davenport in 2 games, and PCC's women's team has been undefeated for 6 years! I know we had teams place in other events, but I just don't remember what they were. It's funny that even though our school hosted the games, no one really know how competitive the field would be. We all came out to have fun and play. But there were schools who came that actually compete against other collegiate teams on a regular basis. Parker College (who placed 1st overall in swimming and for the entire games) has an athletic department. We were lucky to find practice times around class schedules this past quarter! So, considering the difference in preparedness for this event, I think we did pretty well! Posted by Picasa


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