01 November 2005

Study break

It's Tuesday night. I have 2 major exams tomorrow and another on Thursday that's worth a significant part of my grade for the quarter. But, I'm beat. I timed my sprints today to see where I stand for Saturday's swim meet, and I did a tempo swim afterward. Plus, I've been studying this stuff for 2 weeks and I'm sick of it. But, I have so much more to cram into my brain for mindless regurgitation. I'm waiting for my green tea to steep, because I only have so much time to memorize a vast amount of facts about the shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist, palm, and hand. Yup, there's a lot of muscles and nerves in just that one anatomical extremity.

My goal for Saturday, aside from avoiding the pain on my sciatic nerve from the frog-kick in the breast stroke, is to swim the 50 free in 30 seconds. Hey, I wasn't a collegiate nor even high school swimmer, I just did triathlons for fun. So, to get a 30s 50 free is something that I'd be pretty happy with. Since we're not allowed to practice on the starting blocks at the Y (stupid liability rules), I have to just use the edge of the pool. Not quite the same, and a lot more slippery. So, at the "GO" I'm a little too slow swinging my arms up for a propulsive start. Working on that. . .I have a few days left. My free form feels strong and efficient. When I swam for sprint time today (35s) I had a slow wind-up before diving in, and my stupid goggles filled with water. Plus I had no warm up, so I felt like I was thrashing about without finding my groove. But, that's just how it may be on Saturday, might as well swim it in the worst case scenario and hope it's much better. My goggles are now so tight that I feel like I'll have perma-goggle rings around the eyes post-swim.

I've already learned from last week's workout that when I do sprints within a 2 hour window of eating a significant meal, that I feel like I want to puke. So, I'll carb-load pasta Friday night, and eat a decent and filling egg or oatmeal brekkie, then forgo food until I swim. If I'm totally famished, I'll eat half a banana, but no real food until afterward. I don't really know when I swim. I just know the meet starts at noon. And, we get to the races depending on how many heats for the various races. I think there's about 7 or 8 chiropractic schools in the meet. There's quite a few from our school who swam in HS or were state HS champions. I hope I can just get in the pool, get a PR (easy since I've never competed in an actual MEET!) and hang with the competition in my heats! I'm not even exactly sure the distance I'm swimming on the breast stroke, but I THINK I'm swimming the following events:

50 yd free
100 yd free
50 yd breast
200 yd free relay

I love swimming for a workout, even in a triathlon, but training for sprints for a meet is a whole other thing. It's sorta taken some of the fun of swimming away from it. I dread getting into the pool some days. It's been especially hard with recent cold fronts, lots of rain, and dreary skies. But hey, only in Florida can you get a tan in November! After my workout today, I had a slight tan. Great. Just what I needed, to get more UV effects on my skin.

Alright, enough procrastination. I must work now! Posted by Picasa


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