05 November 2005

PCCF Men's 200 IM relay placed 2nd! (L-R) Keith - free (1st swim meet ever!), Ed - back (Florida state champ in HS!), Josh - fly (1st meet ever!), & Jason - breast (HS swimmer) Posted by Picasa

I'm on the starting blocks for the co-ed 200 IM relay. Parker was pretty whiney about there being separate women's, men's, and co-ed divisions for the relays at Fridays lane practice time. So, since 1 team captain complained that she didnt' bring enough swimmers, the event coordinators just made it fastest times for the relays, regardless of team composition. Anyway, we had 3 relay teams after the whole jumble up. I was on a co-ed relay where I anchored with the freestyle. I swam my heart out for the team. Here I'm on the blocks getting ready to enter after Melissa's fly leg.
On the blocks: the women's 100 butterfly. Lane 2 is Justine, and Melissa is in lane 4.



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