05 November 2005

On the starting blocks for the 100 free where I absolutely choked (not literally) in the water. My plan was to use efficient strokes in good form without full-out killing myself on the first 50. Then, I was going to tear it up on the last 50. Plan changed when my entire body cramped up on the last 50. I couldn't even complete my last flip turn. I slowed down tremendously because I was in so much pain. I was so annoyed, but I wanted to finish. I had a hard time climbing out of the pool. Then, I tried to make my way to water and the lawn chairs to uncramp my arms and legs. I had plenty of fluids and carbs that morning and the night before, but I got some sort of bug in my digestive system that messed me up pretty bad the morning of the meet. It took it's toll when I was on back-to back events for my last 2 races (I swam a total of 4 at the meet). It stinks because I seldom get ill, but Steve reheated the meatloaf on Thursday night and my serving wasn't exactly hot, or even warm. I think it got to me on Friday, and definitely on Saturday. All the activated charcoal and peanut butter weren't enough to keep me feeling unaffected. My first 2 sprints went well, but I was surprised at how much the lactic acid affected my muscles, then I realized later that day that the mornings trips to the bathroom really left me empty on fluids and energy.



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