28 October 2005


Last night, our Bible study (plus) celebrated Oktoberfest as one of our monthly dinner events. Aside from the typical 5 of us gathering together, we were joined by a "plus" of friends who've been meaning to check out the Bible study. So, subtract the actual study of the Bible, bring on food and beer, and it's an instant hit with all who were previously wary. I was babysitting for a classmate, and her 2 lovely children joined us in the festivities. They liked their German "hot dogs" (I didn't call them bratwurst since I thought the very name would cause them to turn up their noses) and of course the pumpkin cheesecake. However, the youngest didn't like the smell of sauerkraut one bit, he said it was "stinky". So, we went outside to enjoy a beautiful October evening.

This is a picture of Brian on Round 2. The guys all made it to 2 or 3 rounds of food.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uhm, HELLO. Dolly, WHO is THAT?

- Your friend in NYC

28 October, 2005 22:06  

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