24 October 2005

Hurricane Day!

In Florida, we don't get snow days, we get hurricane days. Last year we had 4 hurricanes hit the state in 1 season. We've already had a few in the panhandle, or some that parked off the coast and dumped us with rain before proceeding to other parts of the U.S. in the Gulf coast. So, today we got the long anticipated Hurricane Wilma who arrived a little later than originally predicted since she was having so much fun taunting tourists in the Yucatan peninsula. I'm just now reading about the state-wide damage that ensued. A state of emergency was declared in our county last night. Thankfully, our school administration had enough foresight to cancel school and clinic today instead of waiting until the last minute. I think there were definitely some lessons learned from the barrage of hurricanes that affected the state last year. Governments, businesses, and schools were early to announce closures and let people prepare and stay safe at home and off the roads. Steve's school did not announce closure until this morning. But, it was nice to be at home together, to listen to the rain and wind, and to get a little more caught up on my studies. With the buckets of rain, Wilma also brought along a nice cold front. Just last week we were living yet another late Florida summer with teeming temperatures in the 90s. Today, the high is in the 60s with overnight lows in the 40s projected for the next few days. It's starting to feel like fall around here! Posted by Picasa


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