22 October 2005

Patient Testimonials

Testimonials are huge. When I move to a new area, I don't pick a hairstylist unless i get a recommendation. Even then it may take several recommendations before I find one that works, but rarely do I just call away in the phone book and go to the first one on the list. I go based on a referral. That applies to restaurants, dentists, doctors, and any and all services. So, how are most patients going to come into the clinic? Because someone else referred 'em in. I was referred to my chiropractor from a friend. Because of that referral, I got GREAT chiropractic care, and because of that care and that awesome doctor, I chose to multiply the effect by becoming a DC myself. I also became a patient referral machine.

I did a google search on chiropractic patient testimonials, and found that several doctors all over the country like to post their patient testimonials online. I decided to share a few of the testimonial links on my site:
Chiropractic Life Centre, Kingston, Ontario
Dr. Matt in San Francisco, CA
Dr. Kart in Atlanta, GA
Dr. Johnson in Raleigh, NC
Dr. Castle in Everett, WA
Dr. Broughton in San Jose, CA
South Boulder Chiropractic, Boulder, CO
Dr. Nick Campos in West Hollywood, CA


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