14 October 2005

I had such high hopes for today: to study and master 2 weeks of anatomy lectures (of which I've been totally avoiding), and to buy shoes that look classy but feel like sneakers (keep dreamin') to wear in clinic.

I did neither. I managed to write out a few more flashcards for another class, but I mostly got around to making dinner, talking to 6 different customer service reps for Hewlett-Packard (I'm just trying to order a lithium battery, how hard is that?), and I took the world's greatest nap for a few hours.

Yup, really productive day. The nap was the best. Well deserved after a week where the average get home time was around 8pm.

I cleared a lot of stuff off of my plate this week to not feel encumbered and to be able to really focus on the 2-3 extracurricular activities at school that really matter to me. When I do have to bust into scheduled time to make up for lack of time in other areas, that usually cuts into the workouts. Chirogames is less than 3 weeks away, and I'm barely training as it is with only 2 swims per week. Make that only once for this week. Oh well, at least I'll still get in 3 total workouts for the week.

I've been looking forward to Friday all week. Now, I can't WAIT until Thanksgiving. 2 days off school and lots of good food. Yes!

Tonight, we also spent time together watching the Sisterhood of the Travleling Pants ****. All in all it was a surprisingly good movie. There were some very powerful storylines with strong young actresses to carry them well. Only 1 lame love story thread of the 4-story tapestry really brought it down to a "typical Hollywood" cliche story. The rest of it was fun, tear-jerking, and entertaining. I highly recommend it for guys & gals.


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