07 October 2005


"It takes 65 muscles to frown and 13 to make a smile. Why work overtime?" --Dr. Jimi LaRose & B.J. Palmer

My hard drive was re-imaged twice this week. My previous hard drive crashed every few minutes over the past 2 weeks. But hey, I was on break and this is only the first week of the quarter, how badly do I really need my computer? I've come to realize I get awfully dependent upon it for taking notes in class, checking online postings from professors, and not to mention the most important things: blogging, messenger, and checking the weather and e-mail!!

My husband is gracious enough to let me work on his laptop while mine has been out of commission. The only really annoying factor is that I have an article or 2 due to the school paper next week. I've been working on them like crazy battling my computer, so not having one takes me thrice as long to craft my necessary column in exchange for cash. So, this was definitely the straw that made Steve finally purchase a back up hard drive. Utilizing a dozen CD-ROMs to back everything up just wasn't a fun option. Thanks to that and my thumb drive, I've kept almost everything, except for my outlook calendar which is gone to the graveyard of electronic 1s and 0s. Recycled in the cosmic universe of hard drive ROM.

Latest reads: Defending Your Faith by R. C. Sproul & Darwin's Black Box by Michael J. Behe

Latest film recommendation: Crash ***
poignantly realistic and heart-wrenchingly stirring me to empathize or detest the characters. Check it out!!


Blogger libbyann721 said...

I bawled like a baby. That movie is like American History X: horrible, graceful, and completely necessary. See it, but only once.

12 October, 2005 09:24  

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