19 May 2007

Part IV After-Thoughts

- butt-kicking hard (the AM test!!)
- "what the heck is that supposed to be?"
- "oh, I can totally see what's wrong there, why aren't all of my multiple choice answers adding up to the same response on that particular station?"
- "oh, crap, I'm gonna have to re-take this thing in November"

Technique/Physical Exam/History:
- 2 hours into the test, "I'm so hungry, how much longer?"
- transitioning from ortho/neuro/physical exam stations to technique stations, examiner asks "what is your line of drive?" . . . (huge pause while brain is working really hard to think), then I blurted out an answer that I believe was correct. . . but I was frustrated it took my so long, and that I wasn't on point.

Exhaustion hit at the end of the test and I was just thirsty, mentally tired, and ready for lunch. Once we went back to our glass prison for 5 hours of sequestering, we were forced to watch really stupid comedies. I think I slept on the floor for a little while, until my sacrum was screaming in pain.

Post test, 2 hours later:
- "I'm so bored, and we have to sit in this room for 3 more hours until we're released"
- "I want to go home, change out of these clinic clothes into pajamas and SLEEP!"
- "Thank goodness I did better on the exam/technique than the radiology test, maybe I won't have to retake this bloody exam ever again"

This exam is a big deal. They had folks on the NBCE board of diretors present at the test site to watch the exam administration. Overall, the proctors and examiners were professional, and some were even friendly (unexpected). Parker was definitely a good campus to take the exam. Some of the patient-actors were a little over-dramatic and ate up a lot of time with their unnecessary theatrics, but otherwise, they did a good job.

I'm so glad to be done. I just immersed in study to ridiculous lengths this past week, and at least for the next five weeks (when scores are posted), I'm breathing relief that I'm hopefully completely done with this exam once and for all!



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