27 December 2006

Christmas Photologue

My grandparentsCarrot cake, my weakness
Candle & tree

Little Lily & Big Blazer

Aaron & Blazer
Tree ornaments with a glimpse of the hills and Snake River valley
My cousin Heather has an adorable 5 month old Maltese purse puppy named Lily. Everyone loves her, especially Steve. He's a huge fan of big dogs, until he met Lily.My grandpa loves Lily, too.I adore the little snowball with legs, too. She's so sweet! And, she doesn't even bark. Who could ask for a more perfect little dog?
My grandparents' backyard complete with a light-up tower, waterfalls, and a couple of fish ponds.
Everyone huddled around the punch bowl for Christmas Eve party. My aunt & uncle hosted around 30 people for food and a white elephant gift exchange.

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