06 December 2006

Weekend Update

I had a great trip to Dallas. In spite of the sub-freezing temperatures, I still managed 1 quick run. Dan & Mollie took me to some fantastic restaurants that were rated as top choices in the Dallas Observer: Thai Chili features incredibly complex flavors in a chicken coconut soup that meld for a wonderful palate pleaser; Cafe Istanbul serves mediterranean style lamb sensationally; and Jinbeh's teriyaki, hand-rolled sushi, and green-tea ice cream are so scrumptious!

I also attended CLEAR Institute's annual board meeting, and somehow got swept up into being the official note-taker for the session. I also presented to the board about the Scoliosis Mentorship Program so that we could get their full support and backing behind our student-driven community service organization. The Saturday Scoliosis Workshop was fantastic! I was able to visit with several docs that I've met on previous occasions, and I met several others who have been doing scoliosis work for some time. I learned some really cool things I can add to my chiropractic tool-bag when working with patients.

The students from Parker CC who attended the seminar told me the ins and outs of their chiro school experiences. It seems like there is no perfect chiropractic school. They all have their own hoops for students to jump through, ridiculous red tape, and frustrations. But, after meeting students from schools all over the country, I think Palmer Florida is definitely the best one around at the moment. We get a solid education in academics, and we have a very positive clinic experience as far as the freedom to utilize a number of elective techniques in which we've been trained. I wouldn't go anywhere else if I had to do it over again.

I brought my camera for the weekend trip, but I didn't feel very shutterbug savvy. So, I watched & learned at the workshop, took lots of notes, and sacrificed more sleep than I prefer. It was nice to get back to sunny Florida and Steve Sunday afternoon. Our friend Jason. . . who used to live down the road from us, was in town for a conference (he now lives in Colorado). He ended up driving next to us as Steve was taking me home from the airport. We were shouting a conversation between cars on the road at 45 mph. Later that afternoon, Jason stopped by to visit and catch up with us. He'll meet his new baby girl sometime in early January!!

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