30 November 2006

Clinic Week 9

Busy week. I had to cram all my patients' appointments into M-W, since I'm leaving in a few hours for Dallas. Monday and Tuesday flowed pretty well. Wednesday, I had 3 no-shows in a row from 8 am until 2:30 pm. But, I didn't know they were no shows until the time came and went. I just kept thinking to myself that I could have slept in, or I could have packed my luggage. But, it felt like I had a lot of gaps of wasted time. I did get to take care of 4 patients last night, so that made my long day worthwhile. Today, I get to pack and run around collecting signatures for a scholarship application and complete other last minute details before I jet outta town for a scoliosis seminar in the Big D. The cool thing is, some of my folks live in Dallas, so I'll spend some time with them. I haven't been back to Dallas--my old stompin' grounds--in about 3 years. I'm sure it hasn't changed much. Even the weather is still wacky. Yesterday, it was 75 degrees. Today, they're predicting a HIGH of 34 with ice pellets. Great. I'm expecting some landing delays and other Texas weather-causing scenarios. At least my folks live less than 10 minutes from the airport.

I still have 1 more article to complete for the Triune by Friday (in addition to preparing for 2 presentations on chiropractic college scoliosis mentoring programs that I have to deliver this weekend). I plan to get it done on the plane. I get some of my best work done on jets. What else is there to do with uninterrupted semi-quiet? No internet, no phone, no people I know . . . as long as the person in front of me doesnt' recline his/her chair and launch my laptop into my gut, I'll be fine!

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