19 November 2006

Scoliosis Workshop and Weekend Fun

What a great weekend! And, I'm looking forward to the short, but jam-packed week. Since the clinic closes early on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday, I have to cram all my patient visits in M-W.

Before viewing Casino Royale on Friday, Katie & I gave our friend Ryan a tour of the Palmer Florida campus and clinic. Ryan was in town for the scoliosis seminar, and he attends chiropractic college at our other campus in Davenport, Iowa. The 4 of us went to dinner at Maria Bonita's which has the fastest service, and the best homemade chips & salsa. I ordered my favorite: carne asada (skirt steak with a lime-cilantro marinade).

We got home late from the movie, and I had to wake up before dawn to load up the car with equipment for the scoliosis workshop. We drove over an hour to arrive at the Disney World Hilton by 0715 to set-up. It was, by far, the best technique seminar workshop that I've ever attended. Several doctors & student interns brought in their scoliosis patients to work them up and to understand how to continue with their care. I was fairly busy working different stations or reviewing powerpoints with Dr. Clayton, so I didn't get to sit down an enjoy the lecture and do a whole lot of hands on practice. But no matter, I attend the same workshop in Dallas in 2 weeks. So, I'll get to relax and learn and practice adjustment set-ups on December 2nd. I hope to post pictures of this weekend, soon. I took several on Karson's camera since mine is a piece of junk.

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