21 November 2006

Clinic Week 8 Update

It's only Tuesday, but it's been an unusual week at clinic. Several of my classmates and faculty doctors are out of town for the holiday. Meanwhile, many of us have had cancellations or no-shows by our patients since the schedule is so unusual for the short week. I like the lighter load, and I've enjoyed seeing the patients who've made it in thus far. It's been a little confusing as far as which doctor is covering a particular mod. There have been a few instances where I've waited for more than 10 minutes for a mod doctor or a floater doctor to even be on the same side of the building as my patient and me, but it all worked out eventually.
I've spent my evenings relaxing, when I could be writing articles for the Triune to meet my 1 December deadline. But, I'd rather procrastinate writing until the Thanksgiving break. Tomorrow is my last full day in clinic. I have patients scheduled from 9am to 4pm between the outreach and outpatient clinics. My colleagues on the other side of campus have 1 or 0 academic classes for the day, so they're getting an early break. It doesn't matter much to me since I'm sticking around here for Thanksgiving. I'm just looking forward to having a few days off in a row!

Thanksgiving break plans:
1. Cook a turkey
2. Eat turkey and pumpkin cheesecake
3. Spend time with Steve
4. Visit with friends
5. Write 2 glorious articles for the Triune
6. Compose my post east asia trip report in conjunction with our annual Christmas letter
7. Get in a 2 hour run as part of my half-marathon peak in training before beginning taper and maintenance
8. Read

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