22 November 2006

Clinic Week 8, Part II

Today, there were some unexpected additions to the schedule. Nothing I couldn't just roll with and adapt to. But, I DID get a new patient today at the Outreach Clinic (free chiropractic care for low income patients in Daytona who meet certain requirements). The Outreach Clinic director pulled me aside and wanted to transfer a patient to me. I'm completely booked next week in the 3 days that I'm in town, but I'm not going to turn away a patient, especially a patient who has scoliosis!

I met the patient and we set up a time to meet in 2 weeks. This case is going to be challenging. His scoliosis is above 60^ in his thoracics. The kicker is that he had Herrington rod surgery a few years ago, and recently, the surgeons removed them. Great. Not only did the rods not work (which is already documented in lots of research), but now the patient is missing a lot of significant osseous structures in his spine and pelvis. And I'm sure he has some major scars to boot. I am now learning if there are any contraindications to adjusting a patient who's had the rods removed. This is definitely a challenge, and I look forward to it. I'm so blessed with patients, I've turned down 3 from the walk-in patient lottery system. But, I have a hard time saying no when it's a direct request for a referral or transfer.

Now, I'm cleaning the apartment, cooking dinner, blogging, and about to practice a powerpoint presentation with Kristin. Multi-taksing at it's best.



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