20 November 2006

Elizabethtown Review

Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown is a quirky mish-mash drama about Drew (Orlando Bloom) who discovers his father's roots in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Along the way, he befriends a flight attendant, Claire, (Kirstin Dunst) who has a very unique way of viewing life. What is this movie about? It's a patchwork quilt about coming of age, life, love, dealing with death, family roots, southern culture, and great music.

The road trip at the end of the film is awesome. It's a scrapbook, road trip score, and treasure hunt all rolled into one.

I expected a B-move romance drama, and this film included several smaller storylines that blended well together for a nice mix with an upbeat script. I enjoyed it, and it was definitely different and better than my initial expectations. So, give it a whirl . . . relax and enjoy being serenaded by Patty Griffin, Tom Petty, and Elton John (to name a few).



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