11 September 2006

Movie Reviews

With our furious academic schedule, we sometimes take time out to escape from reality and enjoy a good story. We recently watched and enjoyed a couple of excellent films that fell under the radar when they were released.
The Island (2005), was a cool combination between Aldus Huxley's Brave New World, The 6th Day, and Gattaca. The storyline is fairly simple and predictable once enough information has been revealed. Yet, the story remains upbeat and comical at the appropriate moments, as well as revoltingly disturbing at times. It doesn't have an overall feeling of morbidity and frustration for the human race like similar movie plots tend to sway. The action scenes were fun, but a bit over the top (this is Hollywood, afterall). I thought to myself, "there is NO WAY a person would EVER survive that crash or fall". But, it's a good roller coaster, nontheless. There is one unique car chase scene that rivals a scene in the Matrix Reloaded in the amount of vehicles that were damaged. Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor gave great performances. It was also fun to see supporting actors Steve Buscemi, Sean Bean, Michale Clarke Duncan, and Djimon Hounsou. So, give it a try...enjoy the incredible sets, beautiful cinematography and wardrobe. This is a flick worth checking out.

We picked out In America from the limited weekend selection available at the Library. This one was surprisingly good. Another flick with Djimon Hounsou who lends a strong supporting role as Mateo. Paddy Considine & Samantha Morton played an Irish immigrant couple trying to make a new life for their family in America. Two sisters steal the show in this incredible drama: dynamic Emma Bolger "Ariel" and solemn Sarah Bolger "Christy". They reflect the pains of poverty and peer pressure in America as well as how their parents relationship affects them; and they directly aid in helping their parents recover from grief. They also win over the suffering hermit, Mateo. Strong performances all around, in this winning drama. It's a must see. It will touch your heart.



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