18 September 2006

Happy Eleventy-First Birthday, Chiropractic!

Today marks the eleventy-first birthday of chiropractic. In the Ryan Block of Davenport, Iowa, magnetist D. D. Palmer hit janitor Harvey Lillard on the back with a forceful rack. Harvey, who had been deaf for 10 years, could suddenly hear the horse-drawn carriages in the street, and exclaimed he'd gotten his hearing back. Suddenly, chiropractic became history, although it wasn't named until later by one of D.D.'s patients, an M.D. named Samuel Weed: "chiro", the Greek word for "hand".
D. D. Palmer

Harvey Lillard

Today also marks the day after the dreaded national boards, which weren't all that awful. It was a long weekend of testing: 13 hours total. I'm SO GLAD to be done. I won't get my scores for another 6 weeks, but until then, what's done is done. I'm still trying to muster up the motivation to study for my final exams . . . not much study power left after this weekend. Trying to tempt myself with tea and chocolate, and the fact that I'm oh so close to getting a 4.0 this quarter, why not go for it?



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