24 February 2006

Beasts of Burden

I've had a string of unfortunate situations over the past week. Without intending to do so, I've succeeded to agitate a high-ranking Palmer administrator in an interview--guess the adminstration is never going to ask me to be editor of the school newspaper. I've also had to assuage another Palmer administrator who became concerned when another student went behind the back of our club leadership and confused the heck out of him by supplying him with misleading information. Either I need to start wearing a flack vest, or I need to remove the giant magnet that's attracting a bunch of darts. While dealing compounding issues brought on by students who seem intent on trying to make everyone around them as miserable as they are, I've also been planning a full-up continuing education (C.E.) seminar proposal for CLEAR Institute in time for Palmer's C.E. committee meeting in Iowa next month. Sometime in there, I've managed to put in 6+ hours of studying for national boards. Somehow, the laundry and dishes got done, but forget about the vacuuming--I don't even remember the last time I vacuumed.

I only attended 1 school club meeting this week, instead of the typical 4 that I usually fit in. Although they don't take up a ton of time, club meeting hours do add up, and that's time I need to cram 1.5 years worth of academics into my brain so that I can regurgitate it onto an exam that my license is riding on--no pressure!

Although I had last weekend off completely from extracurricular activities /
board review / or seminars, it still didn't seem like enough time to recover for the 7 non-stop weeks of school and events that have taken their toll on my energy, motivation, and focus. This is another down weekend where I'm devoting a significant amount of time to studying for boards, homework, and time with Steve. Somewhere in there, I'll cram in a couple hours worth of 24, season 4, as part of my escape from reality. Happy Friday to all!!!


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