25 January 2006

Studying causes relaxation . . . seriously!

There is solace in studying. Strange, but true. Whenever I find myself a little nervous or restless about an approaching exam, it's usually because I'm unprepared. The only way to rid myself of that anxiety is to put in the time and the effort into learning the material. In this case, I have an exam in mid-March. It costs $425 to take the exam, and ~$300 for the review course to prepare for it. Most of the material on this exam we learned over the course of the past 1.5 years. So, it's a fairly hefty exam spanning 6 subjects and 2 days worth of testing. Although I'm not a fan of microbiology (it's just not as fun as anatomy or pathology), I put in some time for it last night. And now, I have a bit more relief. I still have lots of time to prepare for these boards, but I also have a lot of material to sort out in my brain.

My biggest challenge is to not spend every waking hour working on chiropractic non-school related stuff, like the 2 student organizations that I pour my energy and heart into. I still have to throttle back a little and leave a little reserve for studying everyday. Balance. . . something that I have to constantly try to stay abreast of with every passing day.

May your day be filled with balance and peace.


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