24 January 2006


Steve pointed out my syllabic xs in the middle line of Haiku #7. So, I'll remove the word "long" and it should fall within the 5-7-5 rule. Mea culpa.

Steve's been asking me , "what's a haiku?" and I told him the very general rules and that there's been disagreements over the years about content and flow and such. Anyway, the other day in his Hebrew poetry lecture, the prof asked if anyone read haiku. Steve was one of 2 students (out of 60 students) who raised his hand. He said he'd read haiku because he reads the ones I write on the blog. Steve's prof said he doesn't appreciate haiku because he doesn't understand how they work, and how they're supposed to be constructed. In the same sense, he said people often don't appreciate Hebrew poetry because they don't fall into the typical English format of rhyming endings, so a lot of the beauty of the complexity of construction is lost on modern English-speaking readers.



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