09 December 2005

Fa-La-La-La-La and Una Festa

Last Friday, went to Christmas party #1 at Steve's school and our photo made the RTS site.

Last night, we went to Christmas gathering #2 for Ligonier Ministries which was held at our church. Light hors d'ouvres were served that I didn't find too appealing, but I loved the punch (ginger ale and white grape juice). The event was serenaded by a string ensemble including a guy who could PLAY the classical guitar. Great music! Our worship director led everyone in several Christmas hymns. And then our beloved Dr. R.C. Sproul addressed us with a more sermony-type of message. We sat with our friends, but were late to acquire seats. The only 4 available together in the sancutary were directly in front of the massive oak pulpit. We literally had our heads back, looking up as if star gazing while Dr. Sproul spoke. It was like going to night church, with snacks.

Before we went to the event, Steve & I were both exasperated as far as what to wear to this thing. We're the least dressed up couple at our church where the ladies sport hats and the men wear suits with ties. So Steve showed me his jeans and untucked short-sleeve ensemble and I gave him a hearty 2-thumbs down. He kept throwing together mismatched and casual attire. So, I finally told him to wear the only dress slacks that he owns, the nice long-sleeved mossy green shirt that he wore to my sister's wedding and consider himself casual because he was without tie or suit jacket. He looked really GOOD! I forewarned him that he'd get a few comments about actually dressing up to go to church. And yes, Rev. Burk Parsons chided him a bit and complimented me on getting Steve to actually dress up for a change. He looks like a totally different man! But, he usually only does that once a year, and only for special events like weddings, funerals, or semi-formal holiday balls!

Tonight's holiday ball is party #3 hosted my Palmer Florida's student council--semi-formal affair. They've promised turkey carving stations, lots of delicious catered food, a live band, and raffles for cool prizes. At the price of $2 for 2 people, who can turn down the PCCF event of the quarter? Can't wait to show off my cool Napoleon Dynomite dance moves on the dance floor. That works out really well when sporting a tight fitting They featured gourmet noshings like smoked salmon and capers and bruschetta. There were a couple of faculty presentations: devotional and gospel of Luke reading. Then, we sang lovely Christmas hymns.qi pao (it's like wearing an immobile cast down to mid thigh. Wanna know what that type of dress looks like? Just check out my weatherpixie on the sidebar. She's usually wearing a long-sleeved or short-sleeved version.

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