05 December 2005

Monday Haiku

Not do out-do Chris for haiku Monday, but I followed strict orders to NOT blog over the weekend. Mimicry is the best form of flattery, afterall. Maybe I'll haiku every 8 days, so I'll cover each day of the week over the course of 2 months; now that's something different. Dr. Dishman, the world's most awesome anatomy instructor, gave us a SUH-WEET review in the lab last night. Course, I still need to see a few of the friggin' leg muscles about 5 more times to make sure I can ID them on the exam today. It was the wonderful Dr. D who ordered me to NOT BLOG this weekend. Studying had to be done, and blogging had to be post-poned. I'm usually a long-term studyer. I study 1-2 weeks en avance for exams, so it'll stick for long-term. Then, the day before and day of the test, all I have to do is review material. I'm not fortunate to have such a luxery this week. Heap of tests prior and other unforeseen circumstances remove the lovely buffer of advance studying. So, I'll see how I fare in this stressful state of study hell. This afternoon, I have 2 exams of back-to-back joy--and it's been a cramalicious weekend. Therefore:

I detest cramming
the last minute for exams
Today, it must be.



Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Strict orders? Those orders weren't from me, right? All are welcome to haiku anytime!! :-)

09 December, 2005 10:20  

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