07 December 2005

Good run day!

I took yesterday off because it was too chilly--so I lost my motivation to do the crossfit-kicks-my-butt workout. Slacker no more, I did yesterday's workout today for a time of 20:23.
1 mile run
75 sit-ups
50 back extensions
1 mile run

I felt strong on the first mile. I felt I had a good clip, everything felt relaxed and comfortable and I felt as though I could run for a long time. Stopping a run always makes starting back up tougher. But I did the sit-up / extension combo and took off again. It was really dark out, and it was raining, so I chose to alter my route around lighted sidewalk of the apartment complex perimeter. It probably wasn't a full mile, but it had to be pretty close. Anyway, I'm glad I ended the streak of bad and uncomfortable runs. I feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Some days ya just need to have a good run!



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