06 December 2005

Running Relief

I've been running fairly regularly since Chiro Games on 5 Nov. I've been running because I was tired of swimming--not to mention the Y closed the pool for a month to retile. I've also been running to relieve stress, so my back and neck stabilizing muscles ache less. I've had some very good, strong, and consistent runs up until Thanksgiving. I took a week off, and when I jumped back in, I've had the worst runs ever. I get winded easily, my sides cramp, and I just don't feel like I'm in my groove. But I run anyway: because running / run-walking is better than not doing it at all. Just to leave pent up stress from exams on the pavement feels SO GOOD post run. That's why I run.

But, I'm starting to miss the pool. Yeah, my left shoulder was bugging me during swimming training. But my back and neck never felt so great as when I was swimming 2-3 times a week consistently. Now, I'm motivated to inflict more pain upon myself. I want to race in the DeLeon Springs sprint triathlon, but it's not until August. Orlando also plays host to a series of Moss Park races. Races last Sat & Sun and you can race on 1 day or both to accrue points. They have 6 race weekends next year. I'm sure there's one that'll fit into my schedule! Don't mind training in the pool or on the pavement, it's the bloody bike that I don't want to ride! But, that's how you do well in tri's...the bike is the bulk of the race. So many cyclists get hit by drivers in Florida...more than any other state. I'll have to figure something out if I'm gonna do a sprint tri!


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