11 November 2005

What to Write?

Still trying to decide what to write about for my next Triune deadline. I was hoping that covering all the sports and award winners at Chirogames would be a sufficient story for my contribution, but my editor requests 2 articles. That patient interview I was hoping to capture just hasn't panned out with coordination and scheduling. So, I'm trying to come up with back-up options. I have a few ideas, but nothing that's really got me in the writing groove.

If y'all have any ideas for an interesting story that is somehow related to a chiropractic college newspaper, please let me know.

Current topic considerations:
1. perspective of a patient of a high-volume doctor (to follow up last issue's article on a high-volume doctor interview)
2. Interdependent model of prioritization regarding chiropractic philosophy to include: actions, thinking, and feeling (this model applies to theology as well as cooking).
3. How varied emphasis of chiropractic and health care principles taught in chiropractic schools shape the perspective of future doctors and ultimately change the horizon of the profession
4. Worship music in the evangelical church in America
5. Mullets


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