24 November 2005


I sloughed off a lot of work that I wanted to get caught up on during this nice Thanksgiving break, only to find that I'm more behind than I thought I would be in school and everything else. I started working on an article for the Triune last night, and it's definitely not my best work. Oh well, that's what happens when I have to cover sporting events that I never actually was able to attend. Can't swim in the pool and watch football, soccer, beach volleyball, and basketball all at once now, can I? I requested all the team captains submit a paragraph or two about their team, funny or memorable event. Of the 16 captains, I only received a response from 3. So, as promised, we'll just publish the team rosters in the article to substitute for lack of their sport story. But, the roster list I received is apparently old and incorrect. I'm hoping someone else on staff knows who was at least on their respective sports teams! As for article #2, I'm still contemplating what to write, but I think I'll lean toward an article on scoliosis correction and our new scoliosis mentoring program at school. It's something I'm passionate about and something that I'll easily be able to write about for the 2 pages requirement.

Speaking of scoliosis mentoring, Kristen & I are co-coordinators for the new program at our school. It's innovative and fun and it's different, because it's not a club. No club officers, no club dues, no weekly meetings. We're heading up a committe of various club presidents to unify the chiropractic profession, at least at Palmer Florida. We've received an amazing response from student leaders and scoliosis correction experts across the country. Now, we've been asked to draw up an outline of the program so that it may be implemented in all chiropractic schools across the globe! This is great, but we're honestly just doing what we can in this work in progress that constantly morphs this way or that depending on what barriers or open doors we encounter. We're excited to have 20 enthusiastic student mentors on board with us. Next step is to get into the local schools to actually perform scoliosis screenings en masse. Then, we'll work with the schools to give info to the students and their parents on the free mentoring program and an upcoming community education seminar in January. We're having fun with the program and gathering up lessons learned. Our mentors have some amazing skills to add to our program: a woman with a masters in elementary counseling, a former R.N., numerous students with friends or family members who have scoliosis, and a former park ranger!


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