19 November 2005

Constraining to Gladness

The police department called me in for questioning on Thursday regarding the car crash. They use all witness accounts and have to sift through them to find the truth. They recognize that different people saw different things from varying points of view. To an extent, I sorta like using vectors to determine where the autos were until time of impact and to their ultimate rest. Similarly, to a small degree, that's the sort of thing I did in the military. So, I found it incredibly rediculous when people asked me the day of the crash if the SUV got airborne. The police officer who interviewed me asked me the same thing because he had so many accounts that it happened. Truly, it's for them to find out and for me to tell them what I saw. But, I explained how it's really impossible for an SUV to get airborne unless it hits a ramp or goes flying off a bridge. And I certainly didn't see that happen last week, but hey I was only a few feet away from everything so I could be wrong. And the people who were 20 to 50 feet away could be spot on. The police officer seemed to agree with me on the incredulity of an airborne SUV flying through the air to hit a car.

The good news is that the woman who was airlifted out of the crash area suffered fairly minor injuries! Only a few broken ribs, wrist, ankle, and a bruised liver. That's far milder than she looked when I saw them wheeling her away in a gurney. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if she has whiplash injuries that she may start feeling 6 weeks down the road. I'm just so glad she's going to be okay! As for the other unfortunate woman, her children were at school and her husband was at work at the time of the crash. At least her kids weren't left orphaned.

I'm doing well, but the 3-week swell of catastrophe and hell happening to everyone around me does take its toll. The utter last straw was finding out late Thursday night that Thanksgiving was canceled. I told our only remaining guest that there were only 3 of us left planning on doing Thanksgiving at our house, and that if he still wanted to accept the other dinner offer he had it would probably be best. I went back to class and just kept sobbing, and I couldn't stop. As soon as I got a moment, I just left and went home. I was really angry that we had planned on a Thanksgiving dinner for several months and it all fell through at the last minute. It's not very practical to do the full-up meal for such few people. And even though we got a few last minute invitations on Friday, I really didn't feel like saying yes or no at the moment. After all, the best part about Thanksgiving (aside from all the awesome food) is the incredible leftovers.

Last year was our first Thanksgiving since we've been married, that we didn't have Thanksgiving at our house nor with family. It was nice, but it wasn't the same. So, I really hoped to go back to our traditions this year, and I was just bummed when I found out it wasn't going to happen. I wasn't sobbing because I'm not having Thanksgiving dinner, but it was that on top of numerous atrocities happening to so many people around me that I love . . . and all of it jam-packed into 3 weeks. The same 3-weeks that had incessant mid-terms as well as the physically intense Chirogames which drained me physically; and I haven't caught up since.

I may feel tired a day here or there sometimes, but I've never had a 3-week stretch of such exhaustion. I can typically just bank on 8 hours of sleep a night, beef up on vitamins and nutritional supplements, and go crazy with green tea and ginseng and feel back to normal energy levels (which don't dip or roller coaster) within a day or two. But, since Chirogames, I feel like I just haven't recovered. I'm doing everything I can to continue taking supplements and vitamins so my immune system stays strong. I absolutely do NOT want to get sick!!

So, I'm glad things are looking up for those around me going through tough times. I wish I could be stronger for them, but I feel so beat up. I'm completely apathetic about school right now. I'm doing absolutely nothing this weekend but cleaning house, cooking, and sleeping . . . and I LOVE it. Forget studying, that's what the Thanksgiving break is for--that, and catching up on everything else that I've gotta do which fails my memory at the moment. Yes, looking forward to Thanksgiving break, but even more so to the winter break when I'll have 2 of our 3 weeks completely off from academics. The 3rd week we go back to the books early with national board review for 9 hours a day.


Blogger Jon in Michigan said...

I'm glad that woman will be alright. Seems a like miracle from your description of the accident.

And I'm sorry all your Thanksgiving plans fell apart. That really sucks. Maybe Christmas dinner?

20 November, 2005 15:47  

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