24 November 2005

Apple Pie

Who needs a scented candle when there are apple and pumpkin pies baking in the oven? It's delicious, buttery, goodness. This morning, Steve insisted that I try a bite of the low-sugar apple he made last night, and it was the best apple pie I've tasted in years. He made whole wheat crust (yes, it's digestible!!) and used Macintosh apples which have a crisp tartiness. When it bakes, the sugar condenses, and the result is a mildly sweet pomme du terre perfection. He used only 1/8 of the amount of sugar called for in the recipe. It reminds me of the awesome pies and tortes we would get in Germany. Germans don't used refined sugar in their cooking. That's why desserts have such a subtle fruity flavor that you just can't get in most places in the states (where everything is laden with sugar and the flavor is gone).


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