22 September 2005

Nutritional Myths

Why is it that people buy into the myth that as long as they run or workout, they can eat whatever they want?

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That's like saying I can watch all the smutty movies I want and curse like a sailor as long as I pray and read my Bible everyday. My positive actions counteract all the trash and poison I'm putting into my body.

What kind of logic is this? It's pure C-R-A-P. Sorry folks, maybe you won't gain weight or even more fat if you work out but eat like trash, but it certainly won't help your immune system, your overall health, and definitely not prevent you from getting on the fasttrack to aging. But hey, it's your life. Be merry. Run, and eat cake. Just don't be surprised if you start catching colds, or getting diagnosed with things like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Asthma, Diabetes, or Cancer.


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