05 September 2005

Wedding Celebration

Steve and I shared a wonderful anniversary weekend among friends at a moving marriage ceremony. The ceremony took place on a stage in a church. The theatrical lighting and setting made the ceremony appear like a well-staged theatrical production--isn't that exactly what happens in a wedding? It was so beautiful and so unique! The attendants all wore black. I loved the bridesmaids gorgeous black satin, sleeveless gowns that were accented with yellow sashes that flowed in the back. The groosmen, wore black shirts underneath black suits accented by soft yellow ties. The ceremony incoporated Jeremy's family for scripture reading and prayers. Often times, scripture reading occured over a musical interlude and while other events were taking place in the ceremony. Jeremy and Tara (both wearing white) walked down two aisles simultaneously while joined by both of their parents. They met in the center where Tara's parents gave her to Jeremy in a touching exchange of embraces. They stood out in the purity of white against a contrasting background of attendants in black. What a wonderful image of two believers walking toward the cross of Christ and meeting each other at the alter while accompanied by both of their parents who helped to guide them and raise them for that journey. Jeremy presented a declaration of faith and an invitation to share in the faith of Christ for all who are outside of the covenant of grace.

Additionally, Jeremy & Tara exchanged their vows in a very personal way. When Jeremy got choked up during his endearing vows, I think everyone in the congregation / audience were equally moved. Even more touching was that Tara was so taken by Jeremy's vows that she initially forgot what she planned to say. Then, from her heart she pledged her love, faith, and willingness to follow Jeremy to death, and quoted scripture from Ruth "Wherever you go, I will go, and your people will be my people."

Ever since I was married, I have gotten so much more out of witnessing other weddings. I am reminded of my vows, and I love the beautiful picture of a wedding and its representation of Christ's union to His bride--the church. Jeremy and Tara designed a wedding ceremony that was completely honoring of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Their vows honoring to God and to one another. I loved every moment of this ceremony.


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