02 September 2005

The Enchanted Land of Green Chile Peppers

Can't wait. Jet today to "the enchanted land" for a wedding fiesta and a shower for a bambino. (2 different women, not the same!) It'll be a fun reunion with friends. . .some of whom I haven't seen in 2-4 years. It may be a long time again before I get to celebrate with them again.

We're looking forward to cool weather in the 80's sans humidity. Ain't it sweet?! Steve's been aching to eat at Fuddrucker's. Food chain bliss. I can't wait to enjoy food from the southwest. Green chiles: New Mexico's offical fruit, vegetable, mineral, and any other status label they can claim on it! It's good stuff.

Made through week 8. . . with non-stop exams. Study every night, every morning, and every break in between. But, the tests weren't so bad. I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend among friends. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking ahead to the triple-play of tests next Wed, and a potential community health-talk at a large corporation. But, that's work that I'll only do on the jet. The rest is well-needed down time and play time.

Saturday is also our 5th wedding anniversary. At least we get to travel. . . didn't expect to do that while we're still students.

I'll post pix upon RTB.



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