20 August 2005

Class 073 Picnic

Our class council planned and executed a fun picnic potluck. It was an afternoon of fellowship, beach fun, jellyfish stings, and lots and lots of really good food. We have some pretty talented chefs in our class! Everyone came with their kids, significant others, spouses, and dogs (since it was dog beach). Even a few of our profs came out to enjoy the fun: Drs. Raja, He, and Canty.

My classmate Andrew brought 3 surfboards. He gave Steve, Josh, and me first time surfing lessons. By the end of a couple of hours, we were actually up riding the boards (although I didn't stay on super long). It was the best rush, even on 2-3 foot waves. While out trying to catch waves (the most challenging part of surfing), we spotted a group of 4 sting rays skimming across the bottom. Later, I saw a shark. And while riding in the surf, I got a nasty sting by a jelly. It went away after 2 days, then flared up again a week later to a crazy itchy rash. About 4-5 of us got stung in our group of surfers. As far as I know, only 2 of us had a reoccuring rash.

I did some research on jelly stings on e-medicine and learned that the neurotoxins from the stings can reoccur 2-14 days after the initial sting. I did a tea tree oil and aloe vera treatment to make it at least bearable during the day, and so that I wouldn't scratch my arm off at night. It's still present, but not as bothersome.

I have to get back out and surf again. . . hey, I have 2 more years in Florida to get my fill!

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